Season 1


Scattered news reports echo the outbreak of the Marionette virus. The journey begins. Join the fight for survival from the beginning.

Marionette Zombie Series Book 1
As fall descends in the south, the Toles family prepare for another holiday season. Bridger Preston prepares for another day in front of the camera. Tilly and Raj Varma head home after a much delayed honeymoon in New Orleans. And scattered news reports echo the outbreak of the Marionette virus. 

The day the world ends starts just like every other day. 
Walk with Me
Marionette Zombie Series Book 2
He could see through the trees as the cool air settled into a shimmering mist on the ground.  As he watched, black shapes moved. One, then another. The crowd began to appear, first as shadows and then into the light filtering between the trees. He quietly backed out of the seat he was leaning in and walked down the center aisle tapping each person. They all pulled away from the windows a little and watched from the darkness.' 

Continue the story of survival.
The Hard Day
Marionette Zombie Series Book 3
But that world is over. That life is over. We can’t deny that any more. No matter what is left, it is nothing like what was before. Today we have to find a way. A way to move forward. A way to go on. A way to live. So now we all have each other. And that is all we have. Like Raj said that first night, we’re still here.”

Devastation continues to follow the survivors of the Marionette virus. Fear, loss and terror is the new normal and breaking points are being reached. Survival is starting to become more than just fighting back against the hordes of undead. Join the journey. 

The Dead of Night
Marionette Zombie Series Book 4
He can still see the pain in Kate’s face every time he looks at her. All he can see around him is pain now. Pain and terror. As he walks out into the now frozen track he wonders if that’s all that’s left."

In a few short months the Marionette Virus has driven the group to the edge and beyond. Some have faced old fears and found new ones. Some will find comfort and some will find horror and one will find hope. The journey for survival continues. 

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